CXLV - Stargazing

Nov. 10, 2018

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Characters: Kargob The Great Sage Of The Heavens

Creatures: The Gods

Credits: Kommi

Locations: Hiltshire The Godrealm


Great Sage of the Heavens: It's finally ready! The Great Sword of Distant Sight!

Graffiti reads: THOU SUXETH

Great Sage of the Heavens: Now... Let's see what's up there...

Great Sage of the Heavens: Huh! Is that...?

Kargob is taking a bath

kargob: You saw nothing

Great Sage of the Heavens: What was I doing again?

SFX: sizzle!

Holes have melted through the Great Sword and the Sage has a black eye

Secret Text

Dem bones, dem bones, dem moist bones



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