DCLXXVIII - The Crossroads Of Time : Part One

Jan. 18, 2023

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The Darkness Before Time.

A moment stretched out to infinity, where nothing ever changes.

The Gods who dwell here call this place "Kargob"

Argok. The God of Change. Trapped in a holding pattern ready to fulfil his divine purpose.

Sealed in the dark.

But now... That changes.

Because it must change.

Argok, Knife and Tim are witnessing a Scar of Light growing in the darkness, caused by the Time Knife

knife: What did you do?!

tim the explorer: How could this possibly be my fault?!

Voice: -is somebody there?

kargob: Ugh... Argok, what is that thing? It's too bright.

argok: Oh! Kargob! You're finally awake.

kargob: Sigh! I'm up, I'm up...

Kargob takes on a material form from out of the infinite darkness

kargob: Yo. Who's there?

The Voice responds from a realm of blinding white light

bograk: My name is Bograk.

kargob: Really? Stupid name.

Secret Text

They didn't have a lot of letters before the Universe.



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