DXXVI - A Guiding Hand

Aug. 29, 2021

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Characters: Argok Baltad

Creatures: The Gods

Locations: Katana


Argok is wearing a kimono and speaking with Baltad, who is projecting his image from a red orb

baltad: Teaching mortals how to forge their own magical weapons... How long are you planning to keep this nonsense up?

argok: As long as it takes! If your Godsword plan backfires, then the Demon Swords will break free and take out power for their own. Mortals should be prepared to have them without our help.

baltad: Hmph.

argok: And unlike you I held on to enough of my strength to-

Samurai: Argok-Sama! There has been another accident!

argok: Hm?

argok: Oh dear.

There is a samurai dangling from the roof, holding a sword with wings that is thrashing around with a FLAP! FLAP! sound

Samurai on the roof: A little help?

Secret Text

Trial and error.



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