DCCXXX - The Cave of Exposition

May 31, 2023

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demon of endless chaos: So Eternal Slumber has sacrificed his physical body and retreated into the Dream Realm...

demon of endless chaos: He wanted to reunite Pandemonium more than any of us! What an unexpected twist.

demon of endless chaos: He must have sensed Boundless Hunger's destruction and decided the physical world has nothing left to offer. Kind of rude.

demon of endless chaos: ...I still would have reunited with him, maybe.

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demon of endless chaos: Maybe I should also find a way back to my own realm. Being trapped underground as a sword for thousands of years got boring a long time ago...

demon of endless chaos: The Chaos Realm sure is noisy, though...

stroller: Who are you talking to?

demon of endless chaos: AHHHHHH!!

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As one eye closes, five more open.



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