CDLXX - The Dragon Hunt

Dec. 16, 2020

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quest sprout: QWEST!

Something lands on the tavern counter with a CLUNK! sound

Granny holds up something invisible in her hands

granny: Oh, you found the invisible sword? Great job, sweetie!

Mincer the Monster Hunter is standing by the Quest Board, holding a note

mincer: YE-HAW! This is the kind of quest I've been waiting for!

mincer: Some idiot released the last Sword-Breathing Dragon, owned by the Drakris Family!

mincer: ...And the Drakris Family are stinking rich! This hunt will be worth a fortune!

Mincer holds up a tech sword, covered in meat grinding blades

mincer: Are you ready, amigos?

Langeschwert the Fighter holds up his very long longsword

langeschwert: Ready!

quest sprout: Qwest!

Hack the Spellcaster summons a set of flaming knives that float above their hand

hack: Set!

The three tavern regulars head out of the Adventur'r's Tavern to begin their quest, leaving Quest Sprout behind at the door

Adventurers in Unison: Let's go hunt a dragon!

quest sprout: ...Qw-west.

mincer: Aren't you coming? Let's go already!

Quest Sprout runs to catch up

quest sprout: QWEEST!

Secret Text

I bet it was that same idiot who stole the dragons goatee as well!



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