DCCCXLI ~ Qwestioning the Questing Beast

May 13, 2024

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Characters: Quest Sprout

Creatures: The Questing Beast

If I may impart my own Quest upon you, why don't you check out the Kargob, God of Darkness plushie one last time before it ends?


the questing beast: So, you've sought me out to help rescue your mother from the dream realm?

quest sprout: Qwest!

the questing beast: Innocent child...

the questing beast: To fight a Demon Sword in his own realm is a perilous prospect, especially the demon sword who rules the Realm of Dreams

the questing beast: But I will aid you. After all...

the questing beast: ...nothing kills a dream faster...

the questing beast: ...than FEAR.

Secret Text

A quest, darkly.



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