DCCCXV ~ A Dream Qwest

March 4, 2024

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Characters: Quest Sprout

Locations: Realm of Dreams

Hi everyone!

It's the VIth Anniversary of Swords! The Year of Kargob! You may have noticed the website has had a little makeover... Thank you to everyone for following along with the series - I hope you'll continue to enjoy the adventures to come!

If you'd like to hang out and celebrate with the community, why not check out: The Swords Discord The Swords Patreon

Come join the Kargob art contest in the Discord!

Some housekeeping:

The 20% off sale over at the Swords Threadless Store is available for a few more days and features a new Vest Sprout design to celebrate the VIth Anniversary. VEST!

There are still Quest Sprout Vinyl Figures in stock over at Makeship. They're shipping right now, so order now and you'll be qwesting together in no time.

There are a small handful of Kargob Special Editions available to preorder of Swords: Cut the Deck, shipping later this year. Sets of Quest Sprout dice, too! We're still working hard to make it as polished as it can be! I'll do a little update on Kickstarter about that soon. Thanks for your patience.

As a new stretch goal, Swords will enter a prolonged Beach Story Arc at 1000 Patrons. I think it's a great opportunity to reintroduce the main cast in a fun way and take a break from fighting Demon Swords... Unless?

A great big thank you to all our new members this week too! You must really want to see Rapier Tapir in his swimming trunks.

While the websites tagging system is pretty powerful, you might also get a kick out of The Great Swords Recap over on Webtoon - a carefully curated collection of chronological comics! Watch out for Time Knives!

Finally, there is a print-and-playable prototype for a small scale card game, Heroes of Kargob, available as a free download here! There's also a free Qwest Organizer you can download here to motivate you with your own projects! By the eyes of Kargob!

Thanks again for 6 crazy years of Boundless Demons, Ageless Gods, Funny Swords and the Heroes who hurt themselves on them!

Kargob guides my blade! - Matthew


quest sprout: QWEST!

Dreaming Brigand: You're too late! Somebody else already brought me the 40 winks I asked for.

quest sprout: Qwest...

Dreaming Brigand: Wait! I mean...! Of course I could use some more! How about 400??!

quest sprout: Qwest...

Secret Text

Dream big and take the Quests life throws your way



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