DLXIX - The Dragon Friend

Jan. 6, 2022

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mincer: Wee-hee! We got him! The Drakris Family are gonna pay us handsomely for capturing their sword-breathing dragon!

mincer: Nice job welding his mouth shut, Hack!

hack: No problem...

sword dragon: GRRRrr

mincer: A dragon that breathes swords could arm a whole army if it was used right!

mincer: Y'think maybe we should try selling him on the Black Market first...?

The Sword Dragon looks pleadingly at Quest Sprout while Mincer is talking

quest sprout: ...

quest sprout: Q-QWEST!

Quest Sprout draws his wooden sword on Mincer, his whole body is shaking

mincer: Huh? You want us to let him go?!

mincer: We came all this way and now you're going soft on me, you little turnip?

quest sprout: QWEST!

mincer: Don't think I'll hold back!

Mincer pulls out his huge monster hunting sword

langeschwert: Aah!

langeschwert: Leave the lad alone!

Langeschwert grabs Mincer who drops his sword with a CLANG!

mincer: HEY! Let me go, damn you!

hack: Too far, dude.

Hack summons a magical fire knife with a FWOOM and uses it to cut through the dragons bondage with a SLICE! sound

mincer: You idiots! HEY! COME BACK HERE!!

The Sword Dragon takes flight with a FWOOSH!, with Quest Sprout riding on back

Secret Text

And that's how they met.



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