DCCLXXVII ~ The Demon Sword Chronicles ~ VII

Oct. 30, 2023

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Swords will return with episode DCCLXXVIII: The Beginning Of Time


demon of endless chaos: Sacred Oaths, the Seven-Eyed Demon Sword. My favourite sibling! She lost an eye in the battle against Kargob.

demon of endless chaos: Unlike a malicious curse or my random chaos, my dear sister Sacred gives mortals the gift of magic: the ability to change the world with intention

demon of endless chaos: Every rune on a sword is a contract to borrow some of the limitless power of her Sacred Realm

demon of endless chaos: But there are some in the mortal realm who would abuse that privilege

steve orcs: Now with 1500 runes!

paladins: AAAAAA

demon of endless chaos: And now my darling sister has had enough

king of drakness: Those Paladin bastards have more advanced demon technology than I ever imagined! What a fearsome weapon!

divine paladin emperor: Those Dark Knight scum have gone too far this time! He's even sacrificing his own troops to that monstrosity!

divine paladin emperor: I want one!

The King of Drakness is knocked aside by a tentacle with a SLAM! sound

The Divine Paladin Emperor is crushed under a tentacle with a WOMP! sound

Secret Text

Magic is power.



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