DCCLXXV ~ The Demon Sword Chronicles ~ V

Oct. 25, 2023

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demon of endless chaos: ...which brings us to me, the Five-Eyed Demon Sword: Endless Chaos! I've been trapped here on Demon Island since Dinoswords ruled this realm.

stroller: I was trying to get away from one demon and wound up stuck underground with you, huh?

demon of endless chaos: At least you have legs.

demon of endless chaos: But as long as you're here... perhaps I can ask you for a favor?

demon of endless chaos: Now that we're friends...

demon of endless chaos: Those mystery swords you humans love so much draw power from my Chaos Realm. A Boring Woman found a swortal to that dimension and got stuck.

demon of endless chaos: Now she's stopping my lovely demons from breaking through to the mortal realm.

stroller: -And you want me to go inside your demon realm and find this lady?

stroller: Helping you to summon an evil army in the process?

demon of endless chaos: Right!! Everybody wins!

Secret Text

Yes, that's the same Demon Island where Combat Wombat trained.



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