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Pest Sprout

Made from an off cutting of The Demon Sword of Eternal Slumber, Pest Sprout was created as a rival for Quest Sprout. After sneaking about the Adventur'r's Tavern for a long time, and stealing Quest Sprout's sword, Pest Sprout revealed himself and got Quest Sprout to chase him out into the forest in order to spring a trap.

Because Pest Sprout is made from the Demon who rules over the Dream Realm, his body is incredibly malleable with a bit of help from the Demon Sword, and so he can be stretched and twisted into any size or shape imaginable.

After The Dream Princess protected Quest Sprout from the Demons trap, Pest Sprout switched sides and sent the Demon Sword of Eternal Slumber back into his realm through a portal. Having effectively banished the Demon Swords physical form from the Living Realm, that leaves Pest Sprout as the last remaining piece of Eternal Slumber.

Pest Sprout originally had a wooden shield, but it has now been claimed by Quest Sprout. Quest Sprout made it up to him by buying him a Strifeknife from Knifey's Knife Shop.

When Pest Sprout dreams, he can also take on whatever form he feels like inside the Dream Realm, as long as he remains confident.

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