CD - A Swor'nament Decided

April 18, 2020

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And that's it! The Swor'nament is all over! It's done! Decided! Locked in! Did you know that it is two years since Rapier Tapir was first introduced in to the series this coming week? He's come a long way.

Special shoutout to Forest550 for creating the Swor'nament Trophy in a piece of fanart, which inspired the final design. Link

And a big thankyou again to everybody for following with such huge anticipation - it's been great seeing everyone get pumped up for the outcome. I'm taking a break now, as episode 400 officially marks the end of Season 2, but I'll be back soon with higher-resolution comics, some website improvements and some other new surprises. See you soon!


sharp sharply: He's done it!!

sharp sharply: Rapier Tapir wins the Swor'nament!!

sharp sharply: And, according to this Royal Decree...

sharp sharply: That also makes him the new King!

joyeuse: What.

rapier tapir: Cough!

Rapier Tapir drops the sword from his mouth

rapier tapir : Thankyou, everyone, for this great honor.

joyeuse: What.

rapier tapir : I will do my due diligence to rule with kindness and dignity.

Everyone: All hail King Tapir!!

Secret Text

Don't fight with your mouth full.



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