CCXLV - Colour of my Soul

June 16, 2019

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Locations: Katana

People have been asking me a lot lately when I'm going to reference "that ability", so of course I'm happy to include the Funky Katana technique. The Sensei of the land of Katana all know this ability well - take a cute little leaf, place it on your sword and then channel your fighting spirit! Easier than baking a pie. Unless you also intend to fight the pie.


Sword Sensei: Allow me to show you the Sword Transformation Technique!

Sword Sensei: Colour of my soul! Funky Katana!

Dog Sword: BARK!

Sword Sensei: Ahh! Isn't he precious?

Dog Sword: BARK! BARK!

Secret Text

If the colour of your soul is brown, or like a pungent yellow colour... consult a Plague Doctor.



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