CCLIII - The Sacred Realm

July 13, 2019

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Today's comic can be easily mistaken as not having much to do with swords - they step through a swortal in to the realm where all the sword runes in the Universe get their power, encountering a demon sword with a sword-shaped writing quill, but... that's it! Barely anything to do with swords at all, really.

Anyway, it may not look it to the untrained eye, but this realm is pretty sacred. A real 'take your shoes off' kind of dimension. I wonder what kind of adventures the Great Sage will get up to here?


A portal opens with a SLICE!

Great Sage of Flames: What new world have we landed in this time?

The Demon Sword of Sacred Oaths: Humans!? In my sacred realm?

The Demon Sword dumps a pile of papers in front of the Great Sage

The Demon Sword of Sacred Oaths: Great! You can help me with all this paper work.

Secret Text

This will probably end poorly.



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