CCCLXXXIX - Backstories

March 24, 2020

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Characters: Chad Joyeuse Mere Sharp Sharply

Swords: Mere's Mere

New Zealand has moved in to Stage 3 of its isolation plan, with Stage 4 tomorrow, so I am now working from home. I only have 4 cans of beer to last me the next month. Help.


mere: Father never believed I could be a warrior! I have to win to prove him wrong!

joyeuse: My dad always believed in me! I'm going to win to honour his memory!

chad: My parents both left the house one day and never came back.

sharp sharply: Sniff! So sad!

While Mere is distracted, Joyeuse is ready to swing her sword

mere: Nobody was asking you!

Secret Text

The revenge in the night : ChadMan



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