DXXX - Swordtember : Light

Sept. 3, 2021

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Arcs: Swordtember

Creatures: Really High Elves


really high elves: Regarding that sword of light you are using to power your city-

The Laser Sword is suspended in a globe making a SHWOOOOO sound

really high elves: -It's mine and I demand it back!

Guard: Oh, it powers more than just our city...

A WRRRR noise can be heard

A Laser Powered Golem appears with a laser sword arm that makes a KO PSH! noise as it powers up

Laser Powered Golem: A C Q U I R I N G T A R G E T . . .

really high elves: EEEK!

Secret Text

I guess he really made light of their defenses at first.



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