DXCVI - The Plush Guard

April 21, 2022

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Characters: Granny

A warm thank you to everyone who has been sending in their Makeship Quest Sprout photos! I love seeing Quest Sprout going on new adventures all over the world. Thank you for welcoming the sprout in to your homes and for supporting the series. QWEST!


granny: Our little sprout is getting kind of famous, so I made this toy of him! What do you think?

A ferocious warrior slams the table with a "SLAM!" sound

Ferocious Warrior: I'LL TAKE 1000!!

An army is surveying a castle

Knight: It's no good, sire! The castle is being protected by an army of little green swordsmen!

The ferocious warrior is relaxing with a lemonade while the Quest Sprout plushies guard the castle

Ferocious Warrior: BWAH HAR HARR!

Secret Text

If they ever figure out what happened they are gonna be SO mad they missed out on getting their own plushies.



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