DI - True Potential

May 3, 2021

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Creatures: Battle Baboon

Swords: Sword of Evolution


Muscular Monk: With my Sword of Evolution, I can accelerate nature to bring out an opponent's true potential!

Muscular Monk: Evolve beyond your limits and then face me in combat, Battle Baboon!

Battle Baboon: AKK!

After being stabbed with the Sword of Evolution, the Battle Baboon evolves to have four arms and four legs

Battle Baboon Evolved: AK AK!

Muscular Monk: At last! A worthy foe!

The Battle Baboon evolves in to a cute little crab with a POP! sound

Muscular Monk: BAH! Not again!

Secret Text

If you evolve to the max integer you just loop back around to 0.



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