DCXXXVII - Counselling Session

Aug. 20, 2022

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mysterious elf: Our Goblin-Self has used the last of his power to expel the three-eyed demon from the mortal realm. I call upon you in this vision to share your status. What of your charges?

mysterious troll: Old five-eyes is still sealed under demon island, mate! No worries there!

mysterious dwarf: The two-eyed demon is still sealed on Fury Mountain! Definitely!!

mysterious man: The one-eyed demon is still free within the dream realm, but Bograk's champion is keeping him in check there...

mysterious gnome: I have no concerns with six-eyes, either.

mysterious orc: I...uh, may have let things get out of control with my demon...

demon of sacred oaths: WWWRRRYYY!

Secret Text

All wrapped up.



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