DCXIV - Life's A Lich

June 12, 2022

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the undead king: So your friend completed their worldy business and disappeared, hm?

the undead king: A shame. As a Lich, I could always use more souls...

wraith with hair: Mister Undead King... What exactly is a lich, anyway?

wraith with scar: You don't know...?

the undead king: When several spirits join together, they become a being like myself - a Lich.

the undead king: Together, we're smarter, stronger and less prone to... Accidentally completing all of our business...

wraith with hair: Bro! I just had the craziest idea...

wraith with scar: Eh?!

Secret Text

Becoming a Lich is a lot like starting a Union, but the unpaid overtime is eternal.



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