DCCLXIV ~ Call Of The Cursebreakers

Sept. 13, 2023

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Characters: Sir Damon Sir Sean

Creatures: Fauxstone

Locations: Paladium

Swords: Heartgouge the Hateful

So you may have heard today that Unity are changing their pricing model, which puts the Swords video game in a difficult position. Nothing has changed right now, but we may be forced to make some hard choices about how we proceed.

This will not impact the physical card game as we work towards its final version.

This feels like a great time to request that you check out my Patreon though, which is not my primary source of income, but is a great safety net. It is currently equal to about half of the New Zealand minimum wage.

Thanks for continuing to support and enjoy the series.


sir sean: I am Sir Sean.

sir damon: And I am Sir Damon.

sir sean: We are Cursebreakers sent to investigate an evil sword terrorizing this land.

sir sean: Do you know the menace of which I speak?

heartgouge the hateful: Hmm... No evil sword round these parts, good sirs.

The evil sword is wearing a trenchcoat and it is giggling

fauxstone: TEE HEE!

The trenchcoat falls away revealing a Fauxstone - a tiny rock golem

heartgouge the hateful: Gah! You pebble brain!

fauxstone: OOPSIE!

Secret Text

You purge the land of evil swords and they just keep finding ways to sneak back in.



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