CXCIV - Dungeon Masters Anonymous

Feb. 17, 2019

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Head Dungeon Master: Welcome to Dungeon Masters Anonymous

Head Dungeon Master: Newcomers, tell us about your dungeons...

Bull-themed DM: My labyrinth houses a deadly Scimitaur!

Bull-themed DM: You know... Like a minotaur but sword themed!

fungeon clown: My dungeon is filled with mushroom monsters...

fungeon clown: But uses a carnival theme to lure people in!

fungeon clown: It's a fungeon! Get it?

Head Dungeon Master: Ugh! This guy again?

Flaming Skull DM: I've heard that joke like five times...

Plague Doctor DM: Who told him where our new meeting spot was?

Secret Text

No fun allowed.



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