CDXLVIII - Swordtember - Cursed

Sept. 26, 2020

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Arcs: Swordtember

Swords: Endmaker

Today's prompt is "Cursed Relic".

Somehow I don't think I'm going to get all these prompts done by the end of the month. Individually packing hundreds of Quest Sprout pins took higher priority - maybe I'll hire someone to help next time.


Adventurer: This is it... I can't believe we've found it...

Adventurer: The Legendary Cursed Sword, Endmaker! Once wielded by the 13th Necroking, Darkirk!

Adventurer: They say that the slightest touch can kill even the stro- Wait! What are you doing?!

The second adventurer is holding up the cursed sword, he has become a skeleton

Other adventurer: Huh? I stopped listening a while ago.

Secret Text

The 13th Necroking also turned in to a skeleton when he touched the sword, but he tried to play it off like he'd done it on purpose.



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