CDXLVII - Swordtember - Star

Sept. 19, 2020

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Arcs: Swordtember

Creatures: Elves

Hello, I took a longer break than I meant to. Here's a comic! The prompt is "Star"


Male Elf: I've found it for you, my lady! The Blade of the Fallen Star!

Male Elf: Now we can get married!

Female Elf: Oh, you actually found it?

Female Elf: That's... wonderful, but what I really need is the Blade of the, um, Forgotten Star. Yes.

Male Elf: Sigh.

Male Elf: ...I seee.

The Male Elf throws the Blade of the Fallen Star on to a big pile of swords that is growing outside the Female Elf's house

Male Elf: Alright, see you soon.

Secret Text

If you were looking for the Blade of the Crestfallen Star, that was him just now.



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