CDXIX - Creature

June 25, 2020

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Characters: King Hilton Monster Magician

Creatures: Sword Hydra

Swords: Regular Sword

The prompt is "Creature"


monster magician: I, the Monster Magician, have unlocked the secrets of the Hydra's regeneration technique!

monster magician: Strike me down, boy, and watch as two heads grow in place of one!

The boy chops the Monster Magicians head off with a CHOP! sound coming from his sword

The boy is standing over the Monster Magicians headless body. There are two severed Magician heads lying on the floor, looking at each other.

monster magician: Hmm, we messed that up somehow.

Secret Text

You know what they say, two heads in the bush are better than one head with no hands.



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