CDLV - One Spell Too Many

Oct. 26, 2020

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Paladin: Smartsword! Fireball!

A Fireball spell from the Smartsword hits a Dark Knight with a FWOOSH! sound

demon of sacred oaths: WRRRYYYYYYY!

the great sage of flames: Sword of Sacred Oaths! What's wrong?

demon of sacred oaths: Every time someone activates the runes on one of those infernal Smartswords, it saps some of my power!

demon of sacred oaths: ...And there's a whole battlefield of them!

The Paladins and Dark Knights are at war - the Paladins are shooting spells from their Smartswords

Paladin: Smartsword : Insult Opponent.

smartsword: You fight like a Half Orc.

smartsword: The bottom half.

The sky above the battlefield splits open like shattering glass with a CRACK sound - the Demon Sword of Sacred Oaths is prying open the split with its tentacles. Everyone is looking up in horror.

demon of sacred oaths: Alright, that does it!

demon of sacred oaths: You want my power?

demon of sacred oaths: I'll show it to you...

Secret Text

How many swords have you eaten in your life?



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