CCCXXIII - Ancient

Oct. 25, 2019

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Hello, it's me again. Still catching up on those prompts. This one is Ancient, both in terms of that being the given prompt and me still being a few days behind. Even though I had all day to do it, making three comics in one day is still hard work. If I've got some time tomorrow I'm planning to expand the wiki some more - if you haven't discovered it yet, pressing "Archive" lets you browse by Character, Creature, Location and Sword! Please enjoy.


A corpse with a sword in it

The sword has a soul appear

Caption: When a sword turns 100 years old, it gets its own soul!

Soul: Cut?

Caption: If the soul can find an empty vessel, it can turn it in to a thrall!

Caption: ...And the sword can finally fulfill all its wordly desires!

The 100-Year Sword Thrall is throwing bits of bread to some ducks

Duck: HONK!

Secret Text

It spent several hours trying to climb inside a scabbard after that adventure.



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