CCCXCII - The Ancient Sword of Eons

March 27, 2020

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Characters: Quest Giver

Swords: Ancient Blade of Eons

This has been a very long week. I'm exhausted. Working from home means I don't have to walk to and from work for an hour or more each day, so I've been foolishly trying to make good use of that extra time with comics. You may have noticed they've been daily lately.


quest giver: In order to save the world... You must assemble the Ancient Sword of Eons!

quest giver: The Ancient Blade of Eons! The Ancient Hilt of Eons!

quest giver: The Ancient Pommel of Eons! . . .And the Ancient Blade... Of...Eons?

quest giver: Crap! You must need two of them!

Secret Text

Don't you hate when you get two of a supposedly Unique item?



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