March 22, 2020

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Characters: King Hoari

Creatures: The Taniwha

Locations: White Cloud

Swords: Taniwha's Gift


As long as I'm doing daily comic updates, I better include daily life updates too! The threat level in New Zealand has increased slightly, with people being strongly advised to start working from home. I beat the panic buyers and have enough food for a little while, at least.

Thankyou to all the new people supporting my Patreon since yesterday - I'd like to use some of that money to help other creative people affected by being sent home, by getting them to work on Swords content with me. It will be a win for them, a win for you and a win for me too, I hope.


Villagers: Eeeee! A taniwha is attacking the village!

Villagers: It's gonna eat us!

the taniwha: Nah-uh! I'm here with a gift for the King's new baby!

king hoari: You want to give my newly born a sword? I don't think so!

the taniwha: Ugh.

king hoari: ...And another thing!

the taniwha: Maybe I should just eat them.

Secret Text

Rejecting a gift from a powerful spirit? That couldn't possibly have unintended consequences.



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