CCCLXV - Ready or Naught

Jan. 21, 2020

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pret-y-pus: Well, well, well...

pret-y-pus: Bonjour, mate

pret-y-pus: The name's Pret-y-pus, Master Fencer!

pret-y-pus: I've trained for years under the intense instruction of my old master, combat wombat, on the infamous Demon Island! A lesser animal would have surely perished under his strict routine, but I alone rose above the expectations of the masses and became a legendary swordsman; one worthy of the title 'master fencer'! My technique will bring you to all four of your knees, where you will--

pret-y-pus: Oi! I wasn't ready!

Secret Text

Maybe he's just a master of putting up fences.



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