XXXV - Smartsword

April 13, 2018

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Characters: Steve Orcs

Creatures: Orcs

Locations: Orcadia

Swords: Smartsword


steve orcs: Introducing the SmartSwordTM!

Smart Sword: Hello.

steve orcs: We’ve used micro engraving technology to cover every inch with every rune known to orc-kind!

Runes: Rune of Gouging, Rune of Self Awareness, etc.

steve orcs: It even has friendly-fire disabled!

Smart Sword: Friend.

Steve Orcs’ Assistant: Whoa, ha ha!

steve orcs: Whoops! Guess you shouldn’t have had dwarf for dinner!

Steve Orcs’ Assistant: Gurk!

Smart Sword: Enemy!

Secret Text

Now if only there was a rune for Self-Drawing Comics...



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