The First Patron Swor'nament ~ Viscount Varris

Aug. 1, 2023

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Thank you, cehaley!


Tournament Guy: Nightfall! Finally! I'll get the rest tomorrow...

viscount varris: VAIT!!

viscount varris: Vhat about me?

viscount varris: I am Viscount Varris Von Varren De Vladenhof

viscount varris: Vivisector of the Vicar Victor, Patron of the Von Varren and Sun Scorched of the Blood Fjord!

Tournament Guy: Wow, that's a lot... Give me a second...

viscount varris: Vielder of the Blooden Blade, bathed in the Beastblood of the Blooderfoord!

viscount varris: That's Blooderfoord with four "o"s...

Secret Text

Vell, vhat are ve vaiting vor?



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