The First Patron Swor'nament ~ Mysterious Stranger

Aug. 1, 2023

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Thank you, stuckie227!


Guy: The Mysterious Stranger!

Fella: The Mysterious Stranger is here?!

the mysterious stranger: That's right, it is I! Here to sign up for your swor'nament with my legendary sword: The Mysterious Frays!

The Mysterious Frays has "HI!" written along its blade

Tournament Guy: Oh, well... You kind of need a name to sign up to the Swor'nament...

The Mysterious Frays now has "JUST TELL HIM." written along its blade

the mysterious stranger: Fine, fine.

The Mysterious Stranger lowers his mask to whisper

the mysterious stranger: It's Jeremy.

Secret Text

The real mystery is who wears so much black in summer?



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