The First Patron Swor'nament ~ Cliffhanger

Sept. 1, 2023

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Well, it's been a long road from there to here. Thank you to the 8 participants of Part One - venku ikilledkenny73 stuckie227 potato supreme-san speedwagon herooftulans cehaley and also to our background sponsors music is a dead scene and The Moltenbrew Meadery - not just for your involvement, but your patience and good humoured collaboration.

Also thank you to everyone in the audience for cheering on your favourite fighters! I know some of you got invested in the flashiest heroes, but with permission from the champions involved, we determined the outcomes using dice rolls (using the official Swords themed dice!) which I think was more fair than making it a popularity contest.

The First Patron Swor'nament will return for the second bracket of fighters later in the year, but right now I have a card game to finish, dice to deliver, a video game to polish and a vinyl figure to promote! The world of Swords is only going to grow bigger from here.

If you'd like to appear as a background extra in the second part, please consider supporting Swords on Patreon and make sure to share your characters in the Discord.

I know that's a lot of info! Thank you for your support!


zhar: No more tricks...

The Khopesh of Sands scrapes against the Blooden Blade with a KSSH sound

viscount varris: FU FU FU! We'll see.

The Blooden Blade struggles back with a VRRK! sound


Secret Text

Thank you for all your support bringing this tournament to life! The Swor'nament will return!



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