The First Patron Swor'nament ~ Zhar

Aug. 1, 2023

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Arcs: The First Patron Swor'nament

Characters: Zhar

Credits: Venku

Swords: Khopesh of Sands

Thank you, Venku!


Tournament Guy: Hello sir! Swor'nament sign-ups have just opened!

zhar: I am Zhar! Wielder of the fabled Khopesh of Sands! I will gladly enter your tournament!

zhar: You know... They turned me away last time because the boy on the sign-up booth spelled my name all wrong... So I killed him. Isn't that funny?

Zhar writes his name with a SCRIBBLE SCRIBBLE! noise

zhar: I have memorised your face just in case something goes wrong with my entry form again...

zhar: See you at the Swor'nament.

khopesh of sands: HISS!

Secret Text

His attitude is a little coarse. I hope he gets his just deserts.



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