LXXIII - Now I'm Ready for the Swor'nament

June 13, 2018

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Arcs: The XXVth Annual Swor'nament

Characters: Sabre Stiletto

Creatures: Monst'word


sabre: I found a sword! now I'm ready for the swor'nament!

stiletto: are you sure that's a-

baby monst'word: Screeee!

Momma Monst'word: Scrrrrrr

stiletto: uhh...

sabre: oh. Gosh.

stiletto: hrm...

Momma monst'word: scrr...

sabre: now I'm ready for the Swor'nament!

Secret Text

Don't go looking for strong weapons in weird caves. You'll always find one, but at what cost?



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