DXXXVII - Swordtember : Summoned

Sept. 10, 2021

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Arcs: Swordtember

Creatures: Golden Dwarves

Swords: Dwarfherder


golden dwarves: The Dwarven Summit is starting soon! Where is that layabout?

golden dwarves: He's always messing around until I summon him myself...

The Golden Dwarf spins a dial on his magical sword with a CRANK! sound, aligning runes to activate a summoning

The sword shoots out a square portal high in the air with a PZZT! sound

A dwarf falls through the portal in a bathtub, with a THONK! sound. He is holding a scrubbing brush sword.

Bathtub Dwarf: Oh. Hey.

Secret Text

He was getting ready...



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