DXXXIX - Swordtember : Dwarven

Sept. 12, 2021

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boron dwarves: You know, the Golden Dwarves weren't always the ones who host the Dwarven Summit...

boron dwarves: ...Back when the Iron Clan and the Steel Clan were at war over the Zinc Mine of Mount Zwei, the summit was hosted by the Silver Dwarves who blah blah blah blah blah

boron dwarves: But then one of the Iron Princes signed the Treaty of Galvanization, uniting the two clans with a common cause and allowing them to make better swords than their competitors, blah blah blah

The Ruby Dwarf he is talking to falls asleep with a ZZZ sound

boron dwarves: Mm, you guessed right! The Silver Dwarves lost a lot of influence in the coming years and that's when the Golden Dwarves blah blah blah

silver seeker dwarves: Where's that old dwarf from?

bronze dwarves: The Boron Clan.

Secret Text

Dwarves didn't invent boring, but they definitely perfected it.



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