DXXXIV - Swordtember : Snow

Sept. 7, 2021

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Arcs: Swordtember

Characters: Lord of Snow

Swords: Scorching Short Sword


White-haired Man: Your castle is rebuilt, O Lord Snow

lord of snow: Magnificent! Let us have a banquet with our allies to celebrate!

White-haired Man: As the Lord commands!

Firey Sultan: WAH HA HA! What a wonderful feast! Here - a housewarming gift for you, Lord.

The Firey Sultan reveals the Scorching Short Sword, which sizzles with a ssSSSSHH! sound as it is unsheathed

The entire castle is melted around the feasting people's feet

Firey Sultan: Oh shoot.

lord of snow: Not again...

Secret Text

Long may his Kingdom rain.



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