DXXXII - Swordtember : Ghostly

Sept. 5, 2021

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wraith of the forge: Hey. Welcome to the Undead King's Soul Forge. Can I craft you guys anything?

The soul sword being forged lets out a oOOooHH! wailing sound

wraith with scar: Hm, a sword that turns people's blood in to spiders?

wraith with hair: Ooh! How about a sword that tells knock-knock jokes!

wraith of the forge: I think I can do those! I'll need, hm, 10 souls to craft each one.

wraith of the forge: Sound good?

wraith with hair: There's no way those things should cost the same...

wraith with scar: What if they were exploding scorpions?

Secret Text

The scorpions are also ghosts.



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