DLXVII - An Unreasonable Quest

Dec. 24, 2021

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Characters: Kringle


A teenager is scribbling a letter to Kringle

The teenager holds up a letter that says "THE NORTH POINT" with a stamp on it that reads "THE ELVEN POST"

Kringle opens the letter, with a shocked expression

kringle: Ho-ho-huh?!

The teenager has sent a colourful design for a hugely elaborate sword, covered in many blades and gemstones, it reads : DEAR KRINGLE, PLEASE MAKE THIS. THANKS!

The blades are each imbued with the power of the elements (each blade is indestructible)

The sword is so heavy that not even the Heavy Metal Dwarves can wield it, but when held by me it is virtually weightless.

It is made of every kind of metal fused together

The gems channel light, darkness, wind, water and fire for attacks

The sword can go invisible at will and cut the past

The soul inside is friendly to me but not to my enemies

Secret Text

Give the gift that matters most : a sword.



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