DCXXII - Cryptid Casefiles : The Doppelhander

July 2, 2022

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Characters: Hellswing

Swords: Doppelhander

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hellswing: The Doppelhander is a cursed weapon that mimics a person and then takes their place-

A creepy looking sword is growing fingers with a GROOOOW~! sound

hellswing: It moves into your life, a near perfect copy; then eats all your food and sleeps in your bed

The Doppelhander has taken human form and is eating SHARD FLAKES cereal with a sword-spoon. The Doppelhander has black goo seeping from its eyes. There is blood on the walls.

hellswing: As a matter of fact...

Hellswing holds up a mirror, revealing that you, the reader, have black gunk dripping from your eyes

hellswing: ...Have you been feeling like yourself lately?

Secret Text

Have I told you that you're looking sharp today?



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