DCXVIII - The Wizard Ball

June 22, 2022

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Characters: Monster Magician


A sign reads Welcome To The CXXth Wizard Ball

Bantering crowd: If you combine the two you get-

Bantering crowd: -and so I cursed him! Hahaha!

Awesomely Sexy Sword: Wow! So many people!

Older Wizard: Pondered any good orbs lately?

Young Wizard: N-No! I swear!

A silver spoon sword is tapped against a sword champagne flute with a TING! TING! TING! TING! sound

monster magician: Attention, everyone!

monster magician: Let's cut to the chase, shall we? May the best new spell win!

monster magician: Good luck!

Secret Text

Pondering orbs is SO last year.



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