DCCXXXVIII - In A Sssorry Ssstate

July 1, 2023

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Characters: Foil Fox Parry Panda Saber Snake

Locations: Parry Grove

Swords: Bamboo Sword


parry panda: Saber Snake! Foil Fox!

parry panda: You had one job!

parry panda: So where is Rapier Tapir now?

Parry Panda

saber snake: He'sss already on hisss way to massster Epeecock'sss cassstle...

saber snake: Sssorry.

parry panda: Damn. I would have liked a chance to fight him before Epeecock finishes him off.

Parry Panda bites into his Bamboo Blade with a CRONCH.

Secret Text

The Bamboo Blade can grow to the size of a zweihander in half a day.



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