DCCLXXXIII ~ Warm Pursuit

Nov. 28, 2023

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Characters: Dad Knight

Creatures: Elves Giant Orcs

Locations: Orcadia The Shelf

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dad knight: A red-haired man visited the Elven Shelf some time ago, have you seen him?

Mailman Elf: Oh, that guy with main character vibes? He said he was heading South to the Giant Lands.

Giant: Oh yes, the boy who borrowed my Giant Horse....

Giant: He headed North to Orcadia.

Giant: I hope Buttercup is alright.

Orc Copper: A human riding a gigantic naked man? That was ages ago! Hard to forget a sight like that.

Secret Text

What, you thought he was going to just stroll straight into Smartsword HQ looking like that?



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