DCCCLII ~ Lark Souls

June 26, 2024

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Characters: Citizens of Hiltshire

Creatures: Early Bird Wyrm

It's been a little while, so I'm sorry if I miss anyone, but thank you to Alex, Devon, Jason, Curndle, Ilya, AJ, Frizzbad, Campbell, Mike, Link, Lauren, Will, Adin, jackthemayor, Micha, Dyal, JamesTDG, Kale, Utylien, Sambridi, Anton and Billy for joining the Patreon! We're inching ever closer to a major milestone of $2/k a month, which goes a long way towards my long-term plan of meeting minimum wage, so I can pivot towards Swords being my "real" job, then reinvesting any extra in growing the series in various ways.

Thank you for being patient while I took a break. Ultimately, I didn't get everything done that I wanted to, and I'm back because I can't let the comic stop forever; but getting to play a few hours of video games last week really made me feel human again. I've been pushing myself pretty hard behind the scenes all year.

ANYWAY!! Thank you! Enjoy the comics! There will be more!


early bird: Chirp.

wyrm: RRRRRr

early bird: Chirp.

citizens of hiltshire: How can we ever repay you, Early Bird?

Secret Text

Praise the sun.



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