DCC - Five Year Anniversary

March 6, 2023

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Swords is V years old! Thank you for enjoying the series for all this time! Please check out our Kickstarter page for Swords: Cut the Deck if you haven't already!


tim the explorer: You have to go now!

The Longsword of Time echoes moments of time

"I-I really do!"

"Hello, dear!"

"I got a sword that cuts toenails."

"Behold! We call it... A "Sword"!

"Wow! It's a Time Knife!"


sharp sharply: But going to the past?

sharp sharply: Why me?

Tim cuts open a time portal with a SLICE!

tim the explorer: You're the only one King Tapir will trust!

The time portal echoes moments of time

"Thanks for not bailing on me"

"Round three begins now!"

"Are you serious?"

"Father never believed I could be a warrior!"

The Five-Eyed Demon is towering over Hiltshire

rapier tapir: WRRH

Rapier Tapir is crushed to death with a SPLAT! sound by the Five-Eyed Demon

King Rapier Tapir : Deceased

Secret Text

Time marches on.



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