CDXXVI - Back to the Forte

July 8, 2020

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Characters: Sharp Sharply

Locations: Hiltshire - Throne Room


sharp sharply (Present): So you're me from the future?

sharp sharply (Future): That's right, bro! I'm you from 10 years from now!

sharp sharply (Present): And you've come here to get my help?

sharp sharply (Future): You got it! All of the help I can get!

sharp sharply (Present): And you didn't think to come back to before the Swor'nament started? Before our King was murdered? And the Kingdom was overrun by demons?

sharp sharply (Future): Oh yeah... Say, has the Infinity Sword begun to swallow whole towns yet? Have the Paladins started the Great War? It can't be long until the giant meteor first appears...

Secret Text

He didn't even mention that bees learned how to hold swords.



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