CDXXII - Bad Apple

July 1, 2020

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Just one of those jokes I've been wanting to do for a while. I'll be back to the prompt list later!

Thanks to MzzaArt for doing the flat colours for todays episode - it freed me up to upload some missing episodes to Webtoons! Maybe I should ask for help more often.


druid the druid: Whatcha doin' roomie?

necromancer the necromancer: . . .

druid the druid: Studying quietly?

Druid starts eating an apple loudly

druid the druid: CRONCH! CRONCH!

druid the druid: C R O N C H.

Druid is in a medical ward with a sword through his heart, the Doctor is pulling it out with a big pair of tongs

druid the druid: So apparently I have "boundary issues"

plague doctor md: Hold still, please.

Secret Text

The apple falls as hard as the tree.



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