CDLXXXVIII - Illusion Confusion

Feb. 13, 2021

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Young Girl: Mama, can I go play with the other kids?

Woman in pearls: Of course, jus don't let them see your true form!

Young Girl: Here I come!

The woman in pearls and her eccentric husband are cuddling while their daughter runs off to play

She returns, covered in blood and looking distressed. There is screaming from over a hill.

Young Girl: Mama..! Papa..! One of the boys tried to hug me...

Angry villagers yell "THERE THEY ARE!" as the young girl, the woman in pearls and the eccentric man turn back in to their Sword of Illusion forms with a PONK! sound

sword of illusion: Uh oh.

Secret Text

The first cut is the deepest.



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